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Welcome player! If your search for PSN codes brought you here, then we congratulate you, you’ve come to the right place for we have just recently found a way to generate completely free PSN codes! Now you may be thinking how this is nothing new and free PSN code generators have been around for a while and while this is indeed the truth, generating a free gift code has never been so easy as it is now and no generators whatsoever up until now are guaranteeing for their products to work 100% which is not the case with this one.

We tested it out and in five out of five tries we have managed to successfully generate the specified amounts of funds and added them to our existing PSN accounts with absolutely no problems in the process. The funds were later used to purchase products for our accounts from the network and they were fully functional just as if they were obtained in a traditional way. If this is something that you are interested in, we suggest that you buckle in and tag along for a ride for we are about to explain the exact process behind this superb online generator so, without further ado, let’s get it on with the in-depth review and tutorial.


Psn code generator official website

Sreenshot from the official website


Okay, in order to fully understand how this works we would have to explain the way PlayStation Network works for starters. This is not necessary in order to successfully use the generator and If you’re not particularly interested feel free to skip this part. I’m going to assume that you are completely unfamiliar with the way things are and start from scratch and if you have the most basic knowledge of how the system works you should probably skip this part and check the headlines below, as for all those of you who are not as familiar with all of this, here’s a very basic explanation.


How does it work?

Basically PS network requires an account to access. This account is no different from any other account that you may create online. It consists of a unique username and password combination that is used to protect your account and enable only those with knowledge of both fields to access it. Now what might be different from other accounts is the fact that this one allows an access to an online store where users are able to purchase or rent specific game titles and subscribe to some of the features that Sony offers to it’s users for their PlayStation network accounts, and for this reason it allows the users to add funds to their online wallets which are later used to pay for the previously mentioned services and digital goods.

Direct payment with the credit card is also an option that’s available to everyone but some people avoid using this method for security reasons and concerns and are generally distrustful of every site that asks them to fill a form which requires their credit card number, name and the security code for obvious reasons.

Exactly because of them and for people who do not possess a credit card of their own, Sony has provided us with an alternative method to add funds to our PSN accounts in form of these single-use “vouchers”. They are actual cards containing the code which, when entered on your PSN profile will provide your accounts with a specified amount of funds that you will be able to use to purchase anything you want for yourself from the PlayStation market, pretty cool huh?

The generator work in a very similar way as these cards. In fact, if it were not for these, the whole hack would probably not even exist.

Now what Sony overlooked is that, eventually, somebody with no intention of paying for a ridiculously priced game will come up with a way of obtaining those games one way or another and this is exactly what happened here. Exploiting the unimaginable number of possible combinations used in generating codes for PlayStation network cards a couple of guys found a way that allows everybody to get as many codes as they need for their accounts and with it, a virtually infinite amount of funds for the PSN account.


How to Get Free PSN Codes?


Now that you have the basic knowledge (or maybe you know far more than we do, be that as it may) of mechanics behind this system, it’s time we get to the point and explain exactly how to get free PSN codes. First off what you want to do is to head directly to the website and look for the generator page, following the instructions from the video below will explain just how to do that.


Once you do this you will have to begin the process by clicking the “generate” button. The process is pretty self-explanatory but will go on and guide you through the process anyway, just in case that somebody is confused.

psn currency

You need to select what currency do you want.

First thing you’ll need to do is select what currency you want your gift card to add to your account. This is of course due to PlayStation network being a worldwide platform and supporting many different types of currencies so, depending on your region you should choose between $-Dollar (if you are user from the United States), €-Euro (obviously for European PSN consumers) and £-Pound (for those of you from the United States that are gaming and this platform) gift cards.


Selecting the amount of funds gift card will add to your account is the next step in the process. You may option between 20, 50 and 100 (dollars, euros or pounds previously specified) to be added on to your account. Simply clicking on a button splaying the desired amount of funds will do the trick for this step, easy right? Okay, on to the next one;

psn generator amount

Then select amount you want to get.

Upcoming process is entirely automated. A program will go through the database searching for an unused key with the traits specified by your choices in the steps before. So, for example, if you asked for and $20 code, the algorithm is searching for a key with that currency and found amount properties. This may take a while but shouldn’t be too long before the search finishes and your key is ready for use. However, be mindful that should the servers experience overload at the time or in case that too many keys are being generated during short time span, the system might ask you to confirm that you’re a human, not a bot spamming the site with key requests for someone’s personal gain.

The authentication itself is not very different from the captcha methods you may see on another websites. It will ask you to perform a simple task that will be impossible for a machine yet, for you or any other human being something like this shouldn’t take more than a minute to complete and once you do it, that’s it you’re finished in your code is ready for use. Simple, right, that’s really all there is to it, the whole process, and the best thing about it is that it does not limit you with how many times you may use this service which means that whenever you need new key you will be able to generate one following the exact same steps you just took to generate this one.

Simple and nonrestrictive as it is the system is going to get used every now and then. We ask of you not to be that guy and to restrain yourself from spamming the system with code requests for whatever reason and let others get their keys as well. Doing so will result in a long-lasting, healthy and stable code generator for many years to come. Please be considerate how you use it.


Is This PSN Code Generator Safe to Use?


icon-1243668_640(1)From our experience so far, every generated code worked 100% and we were able to use them to get new games from the PSN just as intended. However the guys behind this stated themselves that there is no guaranteeing that the generated code will work as intended. It may be rejected by the system or recognized as a duplicate key that was already used in which case you will be left with no choice but to generate another one which, speaking quite honestly is not a big deal but, what does that mean in terms of security?

Frankly, it means absolutely nothing. Sony is unable to tell where the key originated from and what means were used to obtain it. There is absolutely no difference between a genuine key from Sony’s PSN Gift Card and the one generated using the online generator that we covered in this article. As we wrote earlier, the algorithm exploits the insane amount of code combinations in order to generate a possibly unused key. This key might already be printed on an existing card or simply present in the system for printing in the near future. This means that all the keys ever generate using the method we just covered is absolutely indistinguishable from every other genuine key obtained from an allegedly purchased Playstation’s gift card voucher.

Even further, in order to guarantee your absolute anonymity, the website doesn’t even use web cookies so there are no traces, no digital footprints, no evidence that you ever visited the website, not on your computer, not in the websites logs for the absolute security, during the time the algorithm is going through the PSN database looking for a valid key it uses a very sophisticated and advanced type of a virtual proxy network encryption to stay completely under the radar for the time being. In other words, whoever made it, made it to last and provide safe service to it’s users.


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