What is Playstation Now and is it worth it?

 PlayStation Now

If you’re one of those who always wanted to but never quite got the chance to, for whatever reasons, play some PlayStation 3 titles PlayStation Now might be just what you’re looking for.

PlayStation Now is a new feature for PlayStation users to relive or experience for the first time some of the best titles that defined the previous generation of PlayStation consoles and made it what it is today. PlayStation 3 is considered to house many unique and great games such as Demon Souls which spawned an entire franchise that we know today as Dark Souls trilogy or maybe some PlayStation exclusive titles remade entirely using the best technologies available at that time like ICO and Shadow of Colossus might all be playable on your new PlayStation 4 very soon thanks to this new feature.

PlayStation now is a game streaming service that let’s you rent a game that SONY will stream directly to you. You can either option for one of two monthly subscription plans or just rent the exact game that you want to play. Since this is a pretty new service there aren’t many titles available yet however there is a considerate number of games that you may play as much as you want using PlayStation now for as low as $20 a month and with tools like these that provide free Playstation 4 codes, everyone can afford to at least try this feature.

Option for specific title however, is a different story. Title prices vary since you’re renting the game from a developer and not from Sony themselves so you may expect to pay as low as two dollars for a couple of hours on a specific title while the other one may ask for all in between $15 and $50 for 90 days of game time. Being a streaming service that PlayStation now is not only will you need to rent a game or have an active subscription in order to play you will also need a stable Internet connection in order to achieve the best possible gaming experience and according to Sony the required Internet speed is 5 Mb per second for unobstructed stream while anything lower than that may result in a choppy video or audio stream.

The video streaming is known to have its problems but when it comes to PlayStation Now from the tests conducted it appears that it’s performing much better than initially expected on both Wi-Fi and direct cable connection. Streams for fast unobstructed and most importantly responsive even in the fast-paced and competitive games like brawlers or racers. However streaming the game is not exactly is good is playing the game from a disk. Some games exhibited notable video compression artifacts. If these come from a reduced video bit rates that Sony intentionally implemented in the stream in order to achieve stability on most Internet connections but the amount of these artifacts were so minimal that it should not impact your experience in any way and playing online is still as good as it was on the PlayStation 3.



So is it worth it?

man questions is it worth itWe honestly think that this is a service it’s worth your money if you are not a collector of games and are fine with the fact that once your subscription runs out the game that you’ve played is no longer in your possession, because basically you are just renting the game you do not own as you normally would if you purchased it for your console. This way you may end up paying less than 10 bucks for a great game that’s probably the last you for 50 or so hours but the important thing to remember is that once the subscription runs out the game is no longer available to play from your library, and you will need to renew subscription or rent a specific title again.

We expect to see more titles from even older systems like PlayStation 1 and 2 brought back to us through PlayStation Now since for now only PlayStation three titles are available but Sony did say that they will bring older games to PlayStation Now. Keep in mind that this is still a very early business model and it’s probably going to change a lot in the upcoming years but for now you may as well go and try it out yourself, we honestly think that it’s worth a shot and that many people are going to love it.



As of lately, PlayStation Now service is available on PC for Windows users. You may read more about this here.


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